Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – EOY Tips

End of Year (EOY) Holiday Tips

Recycle (boxes, magazines, wrapping paper, bottles, jar, and cans) what you can in your local recycling program. Go online and see what your program accepts. Yes, your recyclable materials are collected and recycled, more to come about that in another newsletter and workshop. 

Donate what you don’t want or need to make room for what you just got over the holidays.

Clean out your pantry and donate it to a local food bank.  Try to donate some healthy options if you can, like canned vegetables, or items that are lower in sugar and fat content.

Get in your closets and let go of what you haven’t used or warn in over a year.  Someone else may really need it whose staying at a local men’s or women’s shelter or displaced from a recent natural disaster. If that’s too complicated, go to any Goodwill or Salvation Army drop location.  Remember, wash and clean usable (not damaged) things, otherwise throw it in the garbage. 

Save and repurpose boxes, bows, ribbons, etc. that you can use the 2023 holiday season. Think of it as vintage reuse and being a cool green hipster. 

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