Sometimes Silence is Golden

Sometimes silence is Golden, just like the moon during nights it is full or waning. I believe Karma (God) will always take care of the other side of stories that often never get told or written about. Not everything that happens needs to be publicly shared. You risk a lot with unsafe and unhealthy people who do not have your best intentions at heart or are hurting inside with their own unresolved issues. At least that has been my experience in my life.

Keeping silent does not have to eat me up or boil up inside because I find other ways to release it. And by silence, I do not mean not necessarily not saying anything. In this case I mean expressing it out in different therapeutic and creative ways for self-care. Those avenues can be any one of the following ways.

  1. A trusted and long time friend who has proven their long-term trust.
  2. A therapist when the burden is beyond what you can handle emotionally, physically or mindfully. Never be ashamed to ask for professional help. It takes courage to ask for what you need. You are courageous!
  3. Use the healing arts – poetry/journaling (writing), expressive visual arts/meditative arts practices, voice/singing, drama/theatre (act it out), or movement/dance (expressively dance it out).
  4. A spouse, trusted friend or partner.
  5. Let it out = just saying it out loud to myself or going outside in a safe and alone space and screaming.

Whatever it is I need in that moment, I sit in silence and ask myself, “What do you need Miriam? I chose and just do it and do it and do it, until it feels released. Remember, we always put on our oxygen mass first on a plane before we can put it on anyone else. If we don’t, there are dyer consequences to our life. THIS is self-care. You have a right to self-care. Find your balance in life with body, mind and spirit for work, home and play to fully live. 💛

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