To Be Grateful

I am so grateful to be alive from  triple negative breast cancer making 11 years TNBC free and making 55 very soon.  I am grateful to have also survived 7 years free of Chondrosarcoma (primary bone cancer) in my pelvis as well as being an ovarian previvor for seven years due a familial history of …

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Death Becomes Us

Sometimes Death Becomes Us “What’s that,“ I said at dusk last night ? “I don’t hear anything,“ he said. “That thump,” I said! “I didn’t hear it,” he said. “I think it was a bird,“ I said. “I went and checked all the windows and sliders. “I doubt it,” he said. My gut knew different. …

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I Am Many Things

I am the owl. I am the tree. I am the peach. I am the lion. I am the seeded root. I am the sit-upon. I am the fire corsette. I am the yellow bird. I am the fire goddess. I am arms wide open. I am Mother Earth. I am the Guatemalan Globes. 4-12-21

The Sunset Shines On

I didn’t come here to live a lie and hide. I came here to live my truth said the sun. As evening came and it set itself and laid itself to rest for the night getting ready to shine bright the next day.

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