Guatemalan Globes

The Goat, The Original G2

The Original Guatemalan Globes

Happy Mother’s Day to an amazing woman. I miss you, but we have kicked a$& together in this life in a way that reminds me of a vibrant bloom on a cactus, beautiful, but tough. You are with me everyday even though you’ve been gone 32 years from metastatic breast cancer (MBC) to the bones. …

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Baby Loss

Mother’s Day Musings, Childless Mothers

Honoring women today who have lost a child or children in anyway. Society makes it hard to be childless as we don’t travel the same path as other women. But let me make it clear that for some women this is a hard road because society treats childless women different. There is tremendous silence around …

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Butterfly Wings

Mother’s Day

🦋 Time Just Stops Sometimes for Motherless Daughters 🦋 I lost my mother at 26 and in the book “Motherless Daughters,” author Hope Edelman breaks down the age at which you lost your mother and the impacts it has at each stage of your life. You are not alone.Some of us don’t have our mothers …

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IMG_0373 mnm (2020_02_06 03_08_31 UTC)

Bringing Sexy Back

Lucky 13 and 10. I’ve spent the last 13 years of my life battling, beating and fighting over cancers to be healthy and happy. It’s a full time job, especially since chondrosarcoma came into my life in 2013. I thought fighting and beating triple negative was hard, and it was hard. But primary bone cancer, …

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Planet Earth

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – EOY Tips

End of Year (EOY) Holiday Tips Recycle (boxes, magazines, wrapping paper, bottles, jar, and cans) what you can in your local recycling program. Go online and see what your program accepts. Yes, your recyclable materials are collected and recycled, more to come about that in another newsletter and workshop.  Donate what you don’t want or …

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Pain and Living

Living with chronic pain is tough. Everybody choses to live with it differently. I manage it in various ways, but the one you see here on my blog or on social media is via art and writing. Although neither take away the pain, it does help me focus away from it as well as transfer …

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the sunflower womb

The Sunflower Womb

The Sunflower 🌻 Womb… Mother’s Day early love for anyone where this day is hard for you. I get it. Depending on the year, and how I’m feeling, I either am fine or not. I’m either great with it all or not. On the years I’m not good with it, I don’t go on social …

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I Deserve A Seat Too

I Deserve A Seat Too

I have found out from Mother Earth that Motherhood is not lost due to cancers. I have been waiting for the deep acceptance of this feeling so that the horrible pain inside the gut of my spirit would be healed. I’ve been telling myself this almost every day to get through each day emotionally for …

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Forgiveness | painting strokes back and forth over the names inside the hearts reminds me that forgiveness takes time for me; otherwise I don’t fully heal. It’s like the grieving process, it’s a forgiveness process. 🙏🏽. I am not an instant forgiver when I’ve been deeply hurt. To be authentic means to fully forgive.

The Crane and the Seed

The Crane and the Seed

I am flying in the sky high above my body, mind and spirit. As I land safely I am reminded that  navigating the sky through storms drives me to a deliberate landing without fear. Once I land I perform a dance in the grass. I bathe and cleanse myself and pluck out any old feathers …

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