Guatemalan Globes


Rooted and Grounded.

👣 My Feet 👣“My feet are rooted in the earth. I am deeply grounded. The earth has been my best friend since I was born. I have protected her at all costs. She knows this so she sends me vibrations of life. I appreciate all the abundance by spreading her gospel of sustainability. She knows …

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Body Health

Not asking why anymore…

The Art of Juxtaposition. How have I handled so much loss my entire life? I feel the pain of loss. I process it in some creative way or receive(ed) psychodramatic/EMDR therapy. Then I am able to lean into it in a more gentle way for myself. I have accepted and learned how to stop asking …

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Cerebral Palsy and Cancer, Recent Research

“Research has shown that children with cerebral palsy (CP) are at a higher risk of developing cancer and other potentially life-altering conditions. Fortunately, resources are available. If your child with cerebral palsy has also been diagnosed with cancer, learn how Cerebral Palsy Guide may be able to help. Yes, there is a link between cerebral …

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The Difference Between Life & Death to Me

Life and Death…one thing I know for sure is that if I die tomorrow, no one and nobody will ever not know how I feel about them or where I stand with them and they with me. It’s a generational and cultural game changer for me and my health. And I am grateful for that. …

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The Body Pen 🖊️ of Color 🎨

I am splattered and splintered with color. I am a pen of colored ink telling a story for others to hear, but not the whole story. You haven’t heard it all, some things are private. I am the paper flowers where the butterflies live and receive the nectar nourishment of my inner self. I am …

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The Problem w/ Being Strong

I find many people I encounter wherever that may be, have a difficult time being with a strong person. Let me be specific on how I am using the word strong here. Strong here isn’t physical strength. I’m talking spiritual and mental strength. How do I know this for sure? Here’s five quick examples to …

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July is Sarcoma Awareness Month

Soul-filled Expressive Sunday… July is Sarcoma awareness Month. And the experience of being completely out of life’s normal daily commission on my back for two solid years awakened me in many ways. My sensitivity to sensing is acuter now than it ever has been. It’s a gift and a curse, but when it speaks to …

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G2 Original

Years and Years, 31 to Be Exact…

🌟 31 Years Mom…🌟Mama can you hear me…boy have you been missed these last 31 years. Losing you at 26 was not easy, but a titanic shift for me into a blooming future you dreamed and I implemented. At that time, I was in a place and with people who had a lot of healing …

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Baby Loss

Mother’s Day Musings, Childless Mothers

Honoring women today who have lost a child or children in anyway. Society makes it hard to be childless as we don’t travel the same path as other women. But let me make it clear that for some women this is a hard road because society treats childless women different. There is tremendous silence around …

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Butterfly Wings

Mother’s Day

🦋 Time Just Stops Sometimes for Motherless Daughters 🦋 I lost my mother at 26 and in the book “Motherless Daughters,” author Hope Edelman breaks down the age at which you lost your mother and the impacts it has at each stage of your life. You are not alone.Some of us don’t have our mothers …

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