Expressive Arts – What is It? And how did I get there?

More wellness arts users know about the Zentangle Art Method more than they do about intermodal Expressive Arts (ExA). So let’s talk about what that even means. ExA integrates more than one arts modality to facilitate personal development, growth and positive change with participants. These arts modalities are interwoven or threaded together seamlessly shifting from one art form to another by a trained facilitator to move deeper. ExA include one or more of the following: visual arts, sound/music (instrumental), writing/poetry, movement/dance, or drama/theatre in a class or personal daily practice. I received my training at Expressive Arts Florida Institute

There are both ExA therapists and facilitators. Each have been trained in this healing arts method, but use it for very different outcomes. A licensed therapists uses it in therapy beyond cognitive levels to include sensory, perceptual, and affective levels in a session. A facilitator uses it an art class focusing on creating, exploring and expressing for wellness and healing in a class. Both offer it in a safe space. A trained facilitator understands their role is very different than a therapist. And also knows when a student in a class may need support beyond what they are trained for and will refer them to an ExA therapist.

To learn more about how I got to Expressive Arts, read this article prepared by Expressive Arts Florida Institute…

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