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Who I Am 2

Who I Am.

For 22 years I was a successful and award-winning business and management consultant in the solid waste management industry on the conservation side. In 2010 I was introduced to Arts in Medicine at my cancer center. After a battle and victory over breast cancer, I was diagnosed in 2013 with a separate and unrelated cancer, chondrosarcoma (primary bone cancer). The second cancer required a life-altering surgery that changed my body. It left me in bed and immobile taking two full years of daily rehabilitation relearning how to sit-up, stand-up and walk again using adaptable equipment as my new entourage.

These body changes and limitations gave me a new life purpose to advocate for the Power of Art to Heal. A new creative ability entered my life. I became a daily practitioner of the expressive and mediative arts. They are abstract and non-prescriptive art methods. They are a part of my integrative and lifetime rehabilitation program for self-care in body, mind, spirit and planet wellness.

I am now a Certified Zentangle Teacher, a Level 1 and II intermodal Expressive Arts Practitioner, and a registered artist with Arts4All FL to make art accessible to all.

What I Do.

It was at my cancer center’s Arts in Medicine studio that I learned about the Zentangle Art Method as a part of their healing arts program. Later I would learn that the healing arts are a part of the Intermodal Expressive Arts. Both are contemplative, meditative, and healing art forms for wellness.  I now facilitate these two art methods in the community that can be adapted to any audience, subject, or theme.  The therapeutic arts are designed that way since their focus is not the end-product, but the process.  No art experience is necessary, or you can be a seasoned artist needing a break from a structured process to explore, increase focus, have fun while relaxing, and create abstract art. I am known as HIPster the Artist in the community. For a description of these two art methods, go to the CLASSES page.

What I do
Wellness Arts 2

WHAT are Wellness Arts?

The Wellness Arts are a growing trend of therapeutic arts that require no prior art experience. Classes are focused on creating and being open to exploring the visual arts (painting/drawing), music/sound, dance/movement writing/poetry, or drama/theatre.  The focus is on letting go during the process and not focusing on the end-product.  It often allows the art apprentice an opportunity for healing, meditation and self-focus. When it comes to teaching artists, competency, training and skills are needed in all areas that we teach. This is not art therapy, and I am not an art therapist.  If anything comes up for you while taking a class, I can refer you to an art therapist for additional support.

WHAT is Planet Wellness?

Join me as I facilitate techniques for reducing waste, recycling right, composting and making purchases that are healthy for you and for our planet.  I have over thirty years of living the experience of a Green lifestyle since 1992 at home, work and play. And was named Recycler of the year in 1998 by Recycle Florida Today for my contributions in both the public and private sector statewide. I have received many national and state awards for my work. An have certifications for  my specialty areas in zero waste, recycling, composting and environmentally preferable buying. During my planet career I worked with the public, corporate, private, institutional, recreational, and non-profit  sectors to manage their waste stream and roll out conservation and marketing program plans for residents, employees and procurement teams. I am known as the Guatemalan Globes in the community for planet and self-wellness.

Planet Wellness (2)
Why I Do It

Why I Do It.

Spending my entire life in FL, I grew up playing in FL’s lakes, rivers, springs and oceans.  I’ve always cared about mother nature’s land, its plants and animals, because FL is a beautiful habitat that was the homeland of Indian indigenous tribes. I believe in sustainable development to preserve the future and the economic future that draws people to natural FL. I do it because it is the right thing to do as stewards of the planet and for future generations. Living a green lifestyle requires a body, mind, and spiritual practice. This includes the things we grow, buy, put in and on our body and share that have both local and global impacts to our water bodies and sources, land, resources, air, and indoor environmental quality. It has long-term impacts and requires mindful daily decisions. It’s a lifestyle practice too.

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