The Sunflower Womb

The Sunflower 🌻 Womb…

Mother’s Day early love for anyone where this day is hard for you. I get it. Depending on the year, and how I’m feeling, I either am fine or not. I’m either great with it all or not.

On the years I’m not good with it, I don’t go on social media AT ALL, I don’t go to mass, or go out to eat and I find that to be really helpful.

Do what’s right for you. Be happy for those who are happy on Mother’s Day, but set the boundaries you need on that day for your own mental health.

For those who lost their mothers or for those who are childless, but wanted children, you are not alone.

For those who had absent Mothers by separation, mental health issues,  or addiction, and were abandoned or hurt by them, may you continue to heal.

For the ways you honor your mother in every day life.

Cheers to you for being that special aunt or that woman who shows maternal love to many in her own unique way, including pet mothers.

🌻 Repurposed sunflowers’ Mandala from my flowers that lost their yellow petals this week.

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