Soulful Sunday Breast Plate

Soulful Sunday En Casa…

St. Patrick’s Breast Plate 💒

“I arise today through the strength of heaven, light of sun, radiance of the moon, splendor of fire, speed of lightning, swiftness of wind, depth of sea, stability of earth, firmness of rock…

Christ with me. Christ before me. Christ behind me.

Christ in me. Christ beneath me. Christ above me.

Christ on my right. Christ on my left.

Christ when I lie down. Christ when I sit down. Christ when I arise.

Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me.

Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me.

Christ and every guy that sees me. Christ and every ear that hears me.”

(From the Universal Christ, Everything is Sacred, Daily Practices and Reflections.)

I hope you see my faith by how I live, love and hope to be and grow that I am so much deeper than… a wife, Mother Earth, a woman, an artist, a writer, a daughter, a friend, Thriver, an advocate, and a fiscally-conservative liberal. I am faithful. I Am 🙏🏽.

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