What Sets You Apart from Others?

En Casa Art Advocacy Story…

Advocacy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and perseverance. It’s also a commitment and comes from building relationships. And those relationships tend to be about a connection of people and an openness to give and receive of time and energy.  My business life taught me to be a better advocate in things I personally believe in or to bring about change over time.

I’d like to thank my breast cancer advocate and friend Peggy Sherry for referring me to Voyage Tampa. And I’d like to thank Voyage Tampa for the exposure to advocate about Arts in Medicine.

I hope you enjoy another story of the power of Art in health and healing. They asked an interesting and odd question that I really had to think about  - “What do you think sets you apart from others?” - but I’m glad they did because it made me contemplate on a deeper level. Go to the link for the answer. 😇


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