Death Becomes Nature & Survival

I got use to our cat leaving us “gifts” at our old house. But I wasn’t prepared yesterday for this baby squirrel to be left on the back patio of our new house. Not only was it left there, but whatever was flying with it had ran into the glass door and splattered itself too. Splat! There were guts and stuff all over the slider.

What’s even I was walking by the glass doors after we removed it, gulp, there she was. Mama squirrel at the door looking at me saying, “where’s my baby?” She came even closer right to the door and asked again through her eyes and body expression. I just looked at her and shook my head. She then frantically proceeded to search all over the back patio.  I just lost it with a few tears. I felt helpless.  But it is the circle of life, just like human life.

In that moment, I was reminded of losing my mother Rosa in 1992.  It was a very singular time for me with no support at all from my ex-husband and his family. My mother's death was one of her breast cancer spreading to her bones, her skull and finally her organs. It was a terrible and painful death in which she suffered stoically, pridefully, and with dignity. But just like mama squirrel who went back to the tree to live on, my mother lives in on in spirit in heaven and in many ways on earth.  I survived and thrived from THAT experience and grew stronger and stronger, louder and louder with every passing day to live on full of courage and life.

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