Personal Practice Art Kit

Pre-order your “Personal Practice Wellness Arts Kit” from the Guatemalan Globes & HIPster the Artist as a part of the En Casa with Miriam wellness tools. How do you pre-order your kit?

To learn more, please fill out your contact information at the CONTACT page and place in the COMMENT section the following – PDAP .

Miriam has had a personal daily arts practice since 2013. She is considered a national “patient-user-experience expert” on how a daily arts practice will bring the following into your life with proven research backed support.

Whether you need a daily personal practice for spiritual growth, meditation and calm, expressing and exploring emotions and feelings, yoga for the mind to help your mind slow down or help you relax to get to sleep, support mental health issues (anxiety, PTSD, depression, etc.) and so much more. Let Miriam guide you in this direction with this expressive and explorative kit where no previous art experience is necessary.

Miriam has created these kits since 2015 for – first responders (trauma and anger), art as a spiritual practice (Franciscan Retreat Center), social justice issues, cancer Thrivers, scientists/engineers, and library programs, etc.

Remember: Practice doesn’t make perfect. It makes it permanent in your life.

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