Giving versus Taking. 🙏🏽
Why have I waited so long to art facilitate to children on a more REGULAR basis?

Because I needed to be ready and in a mature grieving space that was healthy about not having children.

I make a point when I chose a partnership to collaborate that I have done the (professional) work on myself.

That my facilitation isn’t to heal me. But to facilitate something that will help others find joy, relaxation, empowerment, and be seen through the meditative and healing arts.

People are judged and judge themselves enough in every day life; especially children learning to navigate the world of judgement, regardless of color.

I facilitate creative exploration and not perfection when I facilitate.

Do I benefit from it too? Of course, but I have done the work to come into a space to give out and not take from them. And I rest in between to refill my own gas tank from that giving.

En Casa with Miriam

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