The Fear in Owning Our Power

Thankful Thursday. My friend Annie Emens McDaniel sends out her Monday Motivational email. This week it hit home. Let Your Light Shine was her topic this week. In it she talks about FEAR that holds us back from owning the gifts God gave us.  She also has a beautiful quote from Marianne Williamson which I shared in the photo from Annie’s Email.

I can relate, in my younger years I self-deprecated a lot and “hid” or was silent (and sometimes ashamed) of my God given talents.  But what I learned over the years as I grew stronger is that it wasn’t only my fear, but it was the FEAR others saw in those talents that often manifested itself as jealousy, and so I didn’t want to upset the “Apple Cart” and make anyone jealous. But Annie is right, it is fear. And you can’t control fear that others have inside.

Tomorrow starts breast cancer awareness month, and today I honor the battles of cancer (and the jealousy of those over the course of my life) that helped me to fully own all my god-given talents and be proud to own them, talk about them and share them.  Because those talents were manifested from God through my mom into my DNA and faith that grew in myself when I stopped worrying what others thought about me.

Like myself, when I get “jealous or fearful” of what someone else might have (e.g. kids) I look for ways to manifest that jealousy into healing. I look for ways to “correct” that experience with a healing one. That focus on healing myself removes the jealousy almost immediately and helps me focus on the joy of my family and friends.

It works. Prayer also works well with it  too. Prayer works when you implement the prayer for healing.

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