Art Vulnerability & Witnessing

What I love about expressive arts (ExA)is there is no judgment, you don’t look at the art to question the artist on what and why. Because we are all human and if we’ve never been trained in art, we can be very self-critical, doubt ourselves for no reason and lose confidence as we are building it.  That’s really the difference in taking a fine art class and one that “trusts the process.”

In ExA you look at the art and witness what YOU feel, what YOU see. What it brings up for YOU inside about yourself.

Since Hispanic Heritage Month started September 13th I’ve posted three hand drawn pieces I made. I did them to honor my mother Rosa, me and my muse, Frida Kahlo. To explain a little bit more about Expressive Art Witnessing and the authentic zentangle method, I want to share two examples for this taking a forthcoming class with me.  I hope it helps explain what both Expressive Arts and Witnessing are…

Art Critique: “Getting better and better.”

Witness: “I see growth and life. I see expansion.”

Art Critique: “Are you coming up with these designs, or are you building on someone else’s?”

Witness: “I am fascinated by the details, curves and vision of a tangled woman. I feel empowered by her power.

I’m so grateful these comments were made because they are wonderful examples of why the type of art I do personally and teach in the community is not prescriptive. I am not a professionally trained artist with a degree, I am a self-taught artist through a major health crisis using the power of the body, mind and spirit to heal myself and hopefully others.

This is the type of art witnessing I will be teaching in my classes the remainder of this year and next. Join me in learning to witness the power of art to heal and to express from within body, mind and spirit. What’s amazing about learning this technique is that it easily translates into life and lirelationships at home, work or play.

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