Express Yourself Daily and Simply…

A daily personal practice of any kind for self-care doesn‘t have to be complicated. For example, my husband is always coming home with something for me that is colorful and practical. He recently brought me home a bag of “cutie” oranges. But when I saw them in the bag / the orange, the color, the food, the “art supplies” / the gift became a connection between us; a creative connection between us. He the giver with a thoughtful, simple, but delicious gift that gIves me so much joy. I, in turn as the receiver, saw and felt something deeper, like our relationship. I saw a hexagon, a flower of life, a mandala, and a love language exchange when I opened the bag. It was a simple, daily creative (art) action for me born out of an expressive exchange between two people who care about each other and express it differently. Life can be simple, if we try to see the simple things and ‘canvas” in front of us every day.

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