On the Shoulders of Giants

I have stood on the shoulders of giants at so many times throughout "My Life."

From the moment I was born the first giant was my tiny, faith-filled, Latina mother and, until I was 26, I stood on her shoulders and she continues today to be the “wind beneath my wings.”

In the last 11 years, I have stood on the shoulders of medical giants. So many of them, 100s of medical professional personnel who have helped to keep me alive up to this point. 

And from there are the giant shoulders of tangled patterns, arts in medicine, and expressive creation from deep within my soul. 

I see my past, present and future work to be guided by the COURAGE of my mother, the SCIENCE in the hands and mind of my medical team and the CEATIVITY that lies within my tangled body and expressive spirit. 

I am grateful to and for them all living in my alive, beating, and blood-filled heart. 


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