Years and Years, 31 to Be Exact…

🌟 31 Years Mom…🌟
Mama can you hear me…boy have you been missed these last 31 years. Losing you at 26 was not easy, but a titanic shift for me into a blooming future you dreamed and I implemented.

At that time, I was in a place and with people who had a lot of healing to do inside themselves before they could unconditionally love battling the balance of healing; and that day to day toxicity and scapegoating led me to leave that family.That was the beginning of me ROARING. And ever since then, I have never stopped. It also started a life of reflection to move forward in my own healing.

I watched you ROAR for 26 years. I didn’t understand it all, but as I grew older every year, it became crystal clear. And that taught me that I needed to begin to start firmly planting my whole being into Roaring.

I also know that your silence in certain areas became my voice of salvation. And that voice became an advocate for social justice in many areas. It also stopped me from dying early of breast cancer like you because I felt it, spoke up and acted. I was not afraid.

You taught me that the Roar can be funny, soft, firm, loud or quiet in the background. It can be a dance in the living room or the bite of a delicious pot roast. It can be the music blaring loudly with singing from the soul. And sometimes the Roar needs to be a full on battle with dignity for the preservation of the self.

Thanks for also showing me what being Bold and taking risks really means. And that God helps those who help themselves. “You can do anything you want Miriam, if you put your whole being and mind into it and believe.” I heard that almost every day from you. A strong and powerful mantra. I still hear you every day.

I’ve missed you terribly and dearly, but I’ve learned to turn that loss into our legacy of breaking the glass ceiling, doing good for humanity, and playing the music loud, singing with passion, and moving to the beat. And most of all to have faith and trust in God’s plan, while wearing Jesus’s cruisers on my feet 👣 reminding myself WWJD.

Mom, I hear you everyday and see you in the birds, bees, and butterfly garden out of my creative window. You are never far away and never ever forgotten.

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