July is Sarcoma Awareness Month

Soul-filled Expressive Sunday…

July is Sarcoma awareness Month. And the experience of being completely out of life’s normal daily commission on my back for two solid years awakened me in many ways. My sensitivity to sensing is acuter now than it ever has been. It’s a gift and a curse, but when it speaks to me, I listen intently.

It actually was a vision that came through my art and writing these last two weeks — it was a slow percolation; it was the void between the paper; it was the smear in the watercolor; it was the dirt that turned to paint; it was the fluids in the womb; it was the railroad track of scars; it was the raised wax I ran my fingers across; and, finally, it was the shine in the shade, but the visual insight came swiftly and sharply when it did. And it said…

“Be careful around the wise and smiling sheep that is really masking itself as a snake. The smiles and the love come across genuinely, but the scorpion knows the snake is hiding in silence, in avoidance and in resentment in plain sight that not many can see. The scorpion is evolved like a light and fluffy feather guiding itself into forgiveness and letting God lead instead of stinging.”

That’s why “Thriving is Gangsta” as a Chondrosarcoma Thriver. I’m glad sarcoma made me a little Gangsta 😇.

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