Mother’s Day Musings, Childless Mothers

Baby Loss

Honoring women today who have lost a child or children in anyway.

Society makes it hard to be childless as we don’t travel the same path as other women. But let me make it clear that for some women this is a hard road because society treats childless women different. There is tremendous silence around it. It’s a part of our societal culture. Sometimes this is deliberate, other times it’s just the looks and witnessing, or other times it’s because people don’t know what to say. It’s complicated for all and unfair for sure, but it’s the way it’s been for centuries.

Regardless, we have a right to be at that table. This post is dedicated to women who could not have Children, lost a child/children, cannot adopt or whatever the case may be. You are not alone and your are seen. Have faith that you are here for a reason and to contribute in a way that society may not understand; or even judge. BUT you matter just as much. Stand tall, stand proud, your gifts are God-given and have a light to shine from within you and in your life for the world to see.

If you have children, never forget that the “other women at the table” have a heck of a lot to offer women with children. We can sometimes give you a needed break and that heals us both. Sometimes the witnessing of women with children over time gives us a unique view and Sage insights. We may have time and energy that you may not have. We have other ways to offer friendship and maternal love. Make sure to dig deeper, look closer, and be not afraid to see and honor this woman.

JOIN ME in a meditative expressive arts and tangling class using visual art, writing, and music to explore and express to be offered later this year honoring ourselves and our losses to heal. Peace be with you my sisters. You can send your interest here:

Art by Me, HIPster the Artist

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