Work and Pliability

Feeling Better  Friday.

I work to stay healthy.

I let go to remain pliable.

I fight body, emotional and mental battles every day to try and stay strong.

Does it always work? No, of course not, but more so than not, the balance always comes back around.

You can’t partially participate or show-up and expect things to happen.

Oh, yes, you can be enabled, but even that or they eventually wear out.

You’ve got to commit to whatever you set your mind to and have FAITH that it will come in due time. And if doesn’t, you can’t look back and say I didn’t try my best, because you did.

People may judge you as a person who stays the course with something and gets good results, but you gotta stay with it because those results benefit your mind, your body and your Spirit.  You can only really physically take care of yourself.

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