Emotional Body

I am that woman.

I am the dancer.

I am the lower part of your body that lives in pain.

I need movement.

I am and want more color.

I ask for feminine ways.

I am the blood the runs from the top all the way to the bottom through you.

I am a complex array and palette of colors in a body that is tangled.

I am hope in the colors that fill that Solar plexus of wisdom and power.

Reminding you that you are beautiful as you are.

I sense I needed to awaken that female sensual, light and rhythmic energy deep inside the body.

I was in your bones and blood needing to release like Volcano Fuego; sometimes we need to blow the lid off of femininity.

No matter what people think going forward, you own it girl. You own Chica. You own Mamasita. You own Chapin. You own Bitchacha.

I am that woman that invokes curiosity, confusion, jealousy, comparison, envy, and spite from others.

It is not mine to own for I am just a woman with tremendous loss trying just like everybody else to figure it out too.

But I am strong and come with truth, passion, fire, calm, and curiosity about everything.

I am the woman in the clouds with the sun shining bright.

I am the woman rooted in the earth, blooming in the wind.

I am the colorful skirt that adorns all women with life.

I am that woman.

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