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Sometimes when a friendship is ended by the other party, it’s easy to take it personally or judge yourself. But when someone ends the friendship by telling you, you don’t do enough and you also do too much in the same sentence, you realize it’s not about you. And it’s time to graciously accept the ending, but not take responsibility for the ending.  And you continue to bloom in your own mental health growth, when at one point in time, this would have crushed you.

Am I sad for the loss? Of course I am sad, but when this reminds me of old unhealthy past relationships, families or groups, where I was made out to be the ‘bad guy’ because no matter what I did, it was wrong or never, and will never ever be enough, or good enough.

Relationships like this can lead you to believe that you are not good enough.

BUT, I AM good enough.  I am healthy. I am who I am. I am an exceptional, but imperfect friend. If being my authentic self isn’t good enough than it is time for that season to end.

Friendships are hard, they take work; but they are not one way contracts. That’s how old patterns are broken.  Stay healthy my friends.

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