Setting the Mood

Soulful Sunday

If you have ever been to our house or to Guatemala for that matter, you know we Guatemalans like candles. And as a Guatemalan-American, I like setting a table at night with low light and the sparkle of mood setting candles. I love the way they drip, drip and drip. The sloppier the better as it reminds me of making fairy castles in the shallow end at the beach each summer as a child.  I love the design the wax forms on whatever it drops on forming a masterpiece that holds the energy of the night. And the glare the light shares to all who witness it. It’s what I call synergistic Art. It means I’m all about service, relationships and setting a mood for family and friends. It’s that little attention to detail that lets people know they matter, they are special and they are seen. But most especially that they are loved. ❤️

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